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So long medium, hello self hosted

After attending the most awesome 'New Adventures in Web Design' conferance again I thought I better move my work away from medium. The 2020 conferance seemed to have a lot of anger this year. Anger at big tech, anger at useless startups and anger at companies that take advantage of people, and a lot of anger at medium.

So being inspired by the anger directed at big tech, I have decided to move away from Medium and reduce my useage of Google, Facebook. This blog is here to replace my Medium precense with the aim of:

  1. Respect the readers privacy by not including trackers, cookies, 3rd party hosted contect etc
  2. Allow me a place to write and express myself without any grand scheme in mind
  3. Deliver it in a consice format without lots of frameworks
  4. Act as an expermital playground for trying out new css techniques such as the CSS grid layout etc

I had been working on my own static site generated site using next.js but moving away from that, and using an text editor template for pages give me more freedom to experiment with design on layouts which differ on each page etc.